Container Modification
"Solution for Remote Operation"

Working in remote locations with its complexity has always been a great challenge. Extreme conditions, high mobility, minimum infrastructures and other life support facilities are the common characteristics for project locations within the Geothermal, Oil & Gas and other energy based sectors.

For many years, KCT has been continually developed its expertise in the Container Modification Services, providing a One stop solution for your remote operations throughout the Indonesian region. Our years of experience will ensure you to get the best services available in the market. We provide sales and rental of portable office and living quarters, complete with its life support facilities such as kitchen & galley, ablutions, generator sets, water treatment plant, recreation room, etc. Additionally and upon request, we also provide a camp management services to make your job even easier.

Our experienced supervisors and staffs will make sure you have everything you need and serve you with the highest standards to achieve convenient working and living environment even in the most remote areas throughout the region.

So whether it is deep down in the dark forest or up high in mountainous area, with KCT you will feel exactly just like home.